Travel Schedule.

I spend a lot of time on the road.  My hope is to help out musicians that I meet.  If you have any questions or would like a one on one demo I hope to meet you.

For the week of 04.24.17 I will be in Montreal.

Check out the times and locations by clicking here.


Alesis Coda Pro

Alesis Coda Pro

This video series is about the Alesis Coda Pro and demonstrates;

  • Dynamics
  • Layering
  • Reverb
  • EQ
  • Duet

Denon DJ MCX8000


This video series is about the Denon DJ MCX8000 and demonstrates;

  • Standalone Effects
  • Pitch N Time
  • Pitch N Time Cue performance
  • Quick Search
  • Utility Folder
  • Mic Inputs
  • Engine Software


MPC Touch Review

This video series is about the Akai MPC Touch and demonstrates;

  • Loading Sounds
  • Recording a Live Beat
  • Step Sequencing
  • Note Repeat
  • Pads Scaled
  • Muting Tracks
  • Song Arrangement
  • Loop Recording (with a guitar)
  • Program Parameters
  • Long Loop Perform
  • VIP in MPC

Alesis Crimson Kit


This video series is about the Alesis Crimson Kit and demonstrates;

  • Setting up the drum rack
  • Rubber beater on the Mesh Kick Drum
  • Formatting USB Thumb Drives
  • Loading Custom Samples
  • Playing USB Sourced Music
  • Mesh Skin Response

M-Audio CTRL 49 Review

M-Audio CTRL 49 review

This video series is about the M-Audio CTRL 49 and demonstrates;

  • Navigating VIP to your plug in folders
  • Controlling and finding sounds with VIP
  • Stacking VST’s
  • Volume, Mute and Solo
  • Carving out your sound
  • VIP with Ableton
  • Mackie Hui in Ableton Live
  • VIP Audio Routing
  • VIP with MPC Renaissance


Numark Mixtrack Platinum Review

This video series is about the Numark Mixtrack Platinum and demonstrates;

  • Loading Tracks in Serato
  • Blending songs
  • Blending songs without headphones
  • Pad Mode – Manual Loop
  • Pad Mode – Auto Loop
  • Pad Mode – Sampler
  • Scratching and Cue playback
  • Effects
  • Jog Wheel Display

Akai Timbre Wolf Review

This video series is about the Akai Timbre Wolf and demonstrates;

  • Mono Mode
  • Poly Mode
  • Unison Mode
  • Step Sequencer
  • Step Sequencer A part and B part
  • Timbre Wolf, Tom Cat and Rhythm Wolf Midi sync

M-Audio Accent Module

This video series is about the M-Audio Accent Module and demonstrates;

  • Connecting
  • The Sounds
  • Layering Sounds
  • Color Coding buttons
  • Key Range Assign
  • Midi Mapping the fader controls
  • Factory Reset

Denon DJ MC7000

This video series is about the Denon DJ MC7000 and demontrates;

  • Cue Point Performance
  • Cue Section Loops
  • Roll
  • Track Jumping
  • Serato Slice
  • Sampler
  • Instant doubles
  • Stop Time
  • Serato Pitch N Time expansion.  Explanation of Serato key labels
  • Pitch N Time Sync
  • Pitch knob control
  • Cue Pitch
  • Flip Expansion
  • Video Expansion
  • Dual USB
  • XLR Booth outs

This video series is about the MPC Live and demonstrates;

  • Performance Video.  When the MPC Live is available in stores a full tutorial series will be uploaded here and to Youtube.

Akai MPC Live Performance Video