HEADRUSH Pedalboard A.J. Buckley delay


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Recently in my travels…

On a recent visit to British Columbia I visited the great mountain town of Port Coquitlam. When I’m there I drive in and drive out on the same day.  I know very little about it, but I know do that I like the Coquitlam Grill, and that I can always count on a good lunch.  Another thing I have become familiar with is the talent held within this city’s music stores.  From coast to coast, in every Canadian city there is a music community.  I think this is a natural thing because everyone jams with each other, and from this a certain sound starts to emerge from that community.  On this visit I noticed this musical accent more than the norm.  There’s a strong technical ability in the players I heard, but with this technical strength also comes a great relaxed taste that matches the laid-back vibe of the West Coast Canadians I’ve had the privilege to meet.

In-store demos

Demos go down in a couple of ways.  Either groups of people gather, or people show up one by one and get to ask detailed questions about what the pedal is doing.  Both ways are great, but on this visit all the staff waited for their own personal demo.  During these demos I got to hang out with all the guitar staff, and all of them were incredible players.  One staff member who I hung out with was AJ Buckley, who had a bunch of performance-related questions about the Headrush.  Through this chat we figured out how to create a delay freeze pedal with the Headrush.  My promise to him was that I would mention his name every time I show how this feature works.

HEADRUSH – rig build

In this video I go step by step to show how I create rigs.  The feature of this video is the AJ Buckley delay, but there are also a bunch of other tips and tricks I include to show how I like to use the Headrush Pedalboard.


Download this patch for your Headrush


I’ve shot a bunch of other rigs as well.  One thing that is unique with the Headrush Pedalboard is that I can share my rigs with you. My hope is that people will change them to their preference and than reupload them.  I try to leave some slots available to help with this process.

To download the rig that I built in this video, visit http://www.headrushfx.com/ > create an account > and check out the cloud.  This rig is called 100 AJ Buckley Delay.

If you want a step by step lesson on the Headrush pedalboard reach out directly to me to set up a SKYPE Tutorial session.  My email is fiercemule@gmail.com

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My hope with this website is to show how to quickly use the gear.  The Headrush is a very straightforward pedalboard to use and because of this you can get your tone together quickly.  By having all of your favourite sounds in one unit the possibilities are endless.  If you leave comments on my YouTube channel I will be sure to answer them.  Also, if you have anything that you would like me to show on the Headrush Pedalboard leave me a comment on my YouTube Channel.