MPC Live Review and Performance Video


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My name is Brennan Galley and I was the Canadian Technical Sales Manager for inMusic Canada. I toured Canada coast to coast to show musicians how to use innovative instruments, DJ and Music production equipment.  One of the companies I represented was Akai Professional.  One piece of gear that I focussed a lot of demonstration effort on was the MPC Live.  The MPC Live arrived when everyone was after a stand alone solution for music production.  The MPC Live answered these needs and delivered an environment that was adaptive to changing musical needs.

What is the MPC Live?

The MPC Live and it’s bigger brother, the MPCX, are stand alone sequencers, samplers, and drum machines. When these arrive they will be shipping with MPC 2.0.  MPC 2.0 brings some next level, never before seen, features.  It has full audio tracks with on the fly pitch and time elasticity.  The Pitch and time work independently of each other, so the ways to use this as a creative tool are endless.  It also comes with clip audio playback.  A very accurate way to perform your tracks.  Also the clips and audio track will stay in sync with your bpm.  So you can speed up and slow down your tracks on the fly.

Audience decides what is in the tutorial video MPC Live tutorial series.

After a couple of days with the MPC Live I shot a video series to help people get started.  So far I have only published the performance video aspect.  When the MPC Live is in stores I will be publishing the full tutorial series.  Although the bulk of the content is recorded edited and ready to go, I am going to shoot follow up video’s that address some specific questions that are being asked in the comment section on the performance video.  My hope is that this video series will cover what you want to see.  When I do demo’s in store, people get a moment to figure out the details and ask questions.  This is hard to do in the Youtube world.  Because of this I now offer SKYPE lessons.  You can contact me by emailing

Here’s a link to my MPC Live performance video.  Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified when the full MPC Live series is available.

Thanks for watching.  There is a lot more content on the way.