Numark NS6II review


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Numark NS6II

The Numark NS6mkII is a dual laptop controller with LED jog wheel displays and deep capacitive touch functionality.  It is designed to be durable and offers a level of performance that is exclusive to the Numark family of products.




Button overview

The NS6 II gives one-to-one control of Serato DJ, which is included in its full version when you purchase the NS6II.  Often the toughest part of getting started is figuring out which button loads where, so this video goes directly into how to move from bin to content.  Once you have located the content you want to play, this video shows how to load it to all four channels available.

Once you have a track loaded there are a load of different things you can do.  The pads allow you to jump around to different sections of a track instantly.  You can also use the pad to do loops in many different ways, or play back quick samples.  This video shows you how to instantly dive into these features in a simplified way.

Getting to know the signal flow of the NSII is the key to using it comfortably.  Once you figure out what all of the buttons do it is up to you to find good content and figure out interesting ways to put it all together.

Capacitive Touch control

What is capacitive touch?  If you have come across my page and have read this far into one of my articles, I’m going to assume that you’re really into gear.  So I’m going to be a geek.  Because you are human you carry an electrical charge, and the NS6II’s knobs contain metals that will carry this charge. This means that when you touch a knob on the NS6II you can switch on some next-level features.  Something to note is that the entire knob is activated when engaged, offering up unique ways to perform.  This feature is only found on Numark gear and gives a Numark DJ a heavy advantage; it is also found in the NS7 series and the Numark NV series.  This video explains how to turn the capacitive touch functionality on and off, and gives a demonstrated example of what happens, as well as an overview of how the effects signal flow works.  To understand some of the capacitive touch features, you need to be comfortable with effects control.

Bin Navigation

Being able to navigate quickly through your content is really important if you are a working DJ.  It is rare that someone will not have a request and it is now an expectation that the DJ will have all content on hand.  It is also expected that you will be able to sort through that content very quickly; the Numark NS6II offers a number of different ways to do this.

Another huge feature with the NS6II is that it can utilize two computers simultaneously.  Having these types of navigation controls will offer optimal control over this much possible content .

In this video I show what button does what and how to use them to dig into your music library.


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My goal is to help you get started Djing right away with your NS6II.  Any comments that you leave on my YouTube channel will be considered for future video content.